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Audi AG is a German automobile manufacturer that designs, engineers, produces, markets, and distributes luxury vehicles. Audi is a member of the Volkswagen Group and has its roots in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany. Audi-branded vehicles are produced in nine production facilities worldwide.

Audiusa working environment and management is unprofessional, salary is horrible and keeps lowering, and lacks training for employees, according to a current employee at

"Totally unprofessional environment. Very high turn over with a manager that does not even stay in the office with his employees. Very unprofessional general manager. Horrible pay, they kept lowering it every quarter so you can barely survive. Zero to no training so no one knows what they are doing."


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John says

"I would give zero stars for the service department of Danbury (CT) Audi if it was an option. I just spent $1,878 to repair breaks on my 7 year old Audi Q7. They replaced pads, rotors and sensors. A typical brake job. This is an absolute travesty and a complete RIPOFF. I spoke to a mechanic friend of mine who told me that they took me to the cleaners. Says the price at best should be half that cost. Please BEWARE of this place."

EJP says

"I purchased a new Audi Q7 from Audi Newton NJ
My experience has been a total disaster and feel legal action is the only way I can get restitution.
The vehicle is new but when another dealer performed some warranty work they discovered the vehicle had been repaired prior to my purchase. They informed me that the vehicle had an electrical short that had burned wires, wiring harness and hose insulation. Someone had repaired the damage but did not repair it to Audi standard and worse did not report it to Audi USA for record keeping.
What happened to this vehicle? Who repaired it and why was it not done under Audi standard? Audi Newton said it was not their issue as they had received the vehicle from another dealer in a swap. The second Audi dealer was so concerned they contacted Audi USA and provided me with photos to show the repaired damage to the undercarriage and wire harness etc. Can you believe this ...a new car and the dealer says not my issue. This failure to disclose is nothing less than fraud. Would you purchase a new vehicle if you understood it to be damaged and not disclosed? I would never have purchased this SUV.
It gets even better.....
The dealers temporary license expires and Newton Audi did not forwarded me the permanent plates. They instead give me a letter to offer to police asking for a favor and not give me a ticket as they are working on getting me my plates. Unbelievable they want me to drive with expired tags and offer a letter to the police asking them not to give me a ticket. The car is sitting in my garage and plates did not arrive until 65 days past. They kept giving me excuses about wrong insurance or not having my phone number. I contacted them no fewer than 12 times looking for the plates. Didn’t have my number????
All this was reported to Audi USA. They apologized and said they would get me a new vehicle, license etc. The contact at Audi USA missed every deadline and did not return calls as promised.
I had to rent a vehicle as he told me not to drive the car as they were concerned re: the history, the damage, unknown repair etc.
Why not arrange for a loaner?
Now I have a lawyer and will need to take legal action. I also have reported this dealer and Audi USA to the NJ Attorney Generals office of Consumer Affairs.
Question is how can Audi USA continue to promote a dealer such as the one they have in Newton NJ?
Stay away for Audi and Audi Newton NJ"

Tim Boucher says

"I love my car A6 but i have to tell you that the customer support i have gotten from Audi USA and my dealer Audi Newton NJ is the worst i have ever seen. 15 months ago i purchased a car fro Audi Newton. I was owed a refund and 15 months later i still have not received the money. The rebate company sent check to Audi Newton however they cashed it and wont send my Money. They say its an internal glitch. I wont name names but i will say the entire staff from the general manager to sales manger to new business development manager are all in the game together. They promise and promise and then keep stalling for over a year. I contacted Audi USA over 9 months ago and they are useless they open case after case but in the long run say the dealer holds all the keys.. you would figure that a company like Audi would stand behind the customer 2 Audi in one year and i get no support. All i can say is dont buy on low price and don't expect Audi USA to help you if you have an issue. so if you are near Audi Newton RUN or DRIVE away as fast as you can. And if you speak to customer service at Audi don't believe a word they say.
i have atleast 15 more cars to buy in my life and its sad Audi might not be one of them. all because of a few hundred dollars"

Daniel Harrison says

"The worst auto service experience I've ever had. Little to no communication between service and customer. It took a year and corporate involvement to have FACTORY RECALLS on airbag and leaky fuel line handled. Never another Audi and never ANY car from Crown." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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